Balanced diet during pregnancy

Balanced diet during pregnancy

Balanced diet during pregnancy:

There is no special need to increase the diet in the first three months of pregnancy. In the last few months of pregnancy, a slight increase in food intake is required, but there is no need to double the amount of food. Eat as much as you hungry. Do not eat too much bacause the baby will only take the certain amount of food. The rest of the food will only be used to fatten your body, so eat in moderation. Eat food that contain all the nutrients in proper amount. Drink a glass of milk before to going bet at night. During pregnancy, vitamins, minerals can’t be enough, so you take iron and vitamin tablets.

balanced diet during pregnancy


Weight gain:

Weight gain during pregnancy is 20% of pre pregnancy weight i.e; 10 to 12 kg. Sometimes there is weight loss in the first few month of pregnancy. In general, one woman’s weight gain varies from another woman, but weight should be checked regularly every month. Because too little weight gain can be a sign of growth retardation of the baby, while too much weight gain can be a sign of too much inflammation on the mother’s body.

Eating Regularly:

Eat regularly during pregnancy. Fatigue and nausea mean you need a lot of rest and food. Nausea and weakness usually occur when blood sugar (sugar) is low due to lack of food. It is best not to cut back on eating one full meal a day as this increases nausea, weakness and fatigue. Different foods. Pregnant women should avoid eating too much. One should eat food which contains all the essential ingredients in proper quantity as diet affects the health of both mother and child.

Milk during pregnancy:

Milk provides calcium. Calcium strengthens bones. Pregnant women should eat more milk and dairy products, especially at night before going to bed.

Vegetables and fruit:

Vegetables and fruits are the main source of vitamins for the body, so more fruits and eat vegetables.


Meat provides the body with protein, which is very important for your baby’s growth.


Drinking plenty of water is very important during pregnancy. You have about a day eight or more glasses of water should be drunk. Water is constipating enough.


Pregnant women should avoid drinking coffee. Coffee consumption increases the risk of miscarriage. Coffee should be especially avoided during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, as the baby’s development is very critical.


Avoid eating spicy and fried food during pregnancy.Avoid eating celery during pregnancy. It contains a lot of vitamin A (Vitamin-A). Modern scientific research has proved that too much vitamin A affects the body structure of the child. Avoid raw seafoods, undercooked meat and excessive caffeine.

Healthy balanced diet during pregnancy:
  • folic acid
  • Calcium
  • iron
  • Protien
  • Vitamin D
  • Fiber
  • Fluids
  • Limit caffeine
  • Hygiene(food safety)

balanced diet during pregnancy

A Well balanced Diet During Pregnancy:

The Key to Good Health What exactly does a healthy diet during pregnancy entail? And how does it affect the mother’s and child’s well-being?A balanced diet delivers the proper amount and quality of nutrients for the mother’s health and the baby’s growth. It is made up of a variety of dietary categories, including grains, proteins, fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

Why is a Healthy Diet Important During Pregnancy?

This is a time of tremendous growth and development, and a well-balanced diet is essential for promoting it. It promotes the pregnant mother’s physical and emotional well-being while also laying the groundwork for the baby’s healthy development.

Supports fetal development:

Did you know that the foods you eat have a direct influence on the growth of your baby? A well-balanced diet helps your child’s organs, bones, and tissues develop.

Promotes maternal health:

Have you ever pondered how your body handles the difficult feat of childbirth? Your diet’s nutrients are what keep you energetic and robust.

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